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Aug 11

Daddy's Girl

daddy's girl


The Daddy's Girl Project looks at women's relationships with men and how they are influenced by their relationship with their father.  It is intended to be a courageous, uplifting and transformative journey towards achieving sacredness in our relationships.

We're actively working on four components of the project and we could use some expert advice:

1. Anthology. A collection of narratives, poems, writing exercises and anonymous vignettes that are true, original and unpublished works solicited from women of all backgrounds and varying degrees of writing experience.

2. Writing Workshop. Another component of the Daddy’s Girl project is our monthly writing workshops which using  five writing exercises to help tap into:

  • Feelings in the present moment (at the workshop)
  • Memory from childhood father-daughter dynamics
  • Memory of last or recent interaction or communications with father
  • Parallels between the behavior patterns found in the father-daughter relationship and romantic relationships
  • Current relationship concerns, or visions of ideal relationships dynamics and desires

Participants have a set amount of time to write on each subject guided by an open-ended sentence. After each exercise, participants and facilitators voluntarily share their writings with the group.  With no feedback offered from the group, participants have a remarkable opportunity to share their stories without the pressure of literary or social judgment.

3. Film or Radio Documentaries. We also want to produce a Daddy's Girl documentary.



The Daddy’s Girl Project

Nadirah Sabir, co-editor and workshop leader, is an award-winning, multi-media journalist with more than 10 years experience as a writer, editor, producer and columnist in print and online media including Black Enterprise, Money and Azizah magazines, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Associated Press. She is currently a World Affairs Fellow with the International Center for Journalists. Nadirah, with the help of 7adinkras associate, Karen Hanson, produced the trailer for Daddy's Girl. 

Sandra M. Yee, DCM, co-editor and workshop leader, joined 7Adinkras in September 2004 to return to her first love of writing. She dedicates her work on Daddy’s Girl to her father, whose death from cancer and chemotherapy in her mid-twenties led her into holistic healing.  As a Doctor of Complementary Medicine, she is particularly interested in the emotional impact Daddy’s Girl will have on writers, readers and media audiences.

Akanke Tiamoyo Abdul-Khaaliq, workshop leader and Daddy’s Girl documentary producer, is the Executive Director and Senior Producer for 7Adinkras.  As a television and radio producer, she has produced progressive community-based programs since 1991. Her current projects include a series of documentary shorts for television that will include adaptations for radio broadcast. She is also a graphic designer and abstract visual artist and currently resides in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Daddy's Girl's Trailer


The trailer for Daddy's Girl was produced by Nadirah Sabir, with the help of 7Adinkras associate member Karen Hanson.

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