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Aug 11

New Growth: Journey to Nhappiness

new growth

"My hair is my crowning glory." What does our hair say about us? New Growth: Journey to Nappiness is a short documentary series that introduces us to an interesting array of African-American women who take us inside their personal hair journeys as we explore the topic: "black women, hair and identity". (coming soon)

Animated and serious, painful and joyous, these women speak their truths about how they have come to terms, or not, with their hair during their lifetime.  As their stories take shape,  we gain insight into how they feel about their natural hair—straight, nappy, or inbetween.  

What motivates and influences their choices? How do they feel about the advertising messages they receive?  What are the internalized thoughts that were formed during their childhood?

You'll hear some of the best stories and worst nightmares about hot combs and hair grease, weaves and wigs, cultural pressures and independent expressions, from shaved heads to chemical perms in this thought-provoking documentary.

Using historical references to examine the evolution of black hair, New Growth stimulates deep thought on the underlying motivations for how black women choose to wear their hair and their private feelings about "nappiness”.

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