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Aug 11

Hoo Hoo: Losing Mother Tongue

hoo hoo

In this short documentary a Chinese American granddaughter reaches across the gaps of generation, culture, and language to commemorate the daily rituals of her immigrant grandmother—and discovers perhaps too late the cost of her American assimilation.

Producer/Director: Sandra Yee, 8mins:

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About the Filmmaker

Sandra Yee joined 7Adinkras to return to her first love of writing. A holistic healer and educator, Sandra is interested in the healing aspects of creative expression: how the artist dances with an idea, attempts to bring it to form, and through countless revisions to her ideology and reinventions of her identity, presents to the world her finished work, the evidence of her journey. Her first documentary Hoo Hoo: Losing Mother Tongue, is toured the film festival circuit and charmed audiences across the country.

From Sandra

Finding the Inspiration

For years I have taken notes on the often exasperating yet hilarious episodes of my family’s struggles to maintain Chinese traditions in the very un-Asian southwestern United States. I decided to turn the camera on my family matriarch, Hoo Hoo (“maternal grandmother” in provincial Cantonese), who urged her progeny to embrace and succeed in a world that rejected her (lack of English and education).

I created this short documentary with the hope that Hoo Hoo would someday understand how much I love and value her. And I hope that Hoo Hoo: Losing Mother Tongue inspires others to move forward in recording their family stories. I thank her, the rest of my family, my 7Adinkras sisters, and my mate for making this project possible.

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