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Aug 09

Other Projects Ideas

killing willie

Killing Willie - An examination of the "Willie Lynch Letter" and the impact of slavery and racism on the collective African American psyche.  Examines The Maafa (African Holocaust) and approaches to healing internalized oppression (Preproduction: In research and development)

one day

One Day I Started Thinking- A documentary about the defining moments in life that often lead to profound personal awakening and transformation.  These stories are told through the personal accounts of people whose lives have changed drastically by unforeseen events and sudden epiphanies. (In development)

married young

Married Young - The story of youth, love and lasting relationships—the things that bind and the things that break relationships.  Three couples who married young talk about the love, romance and challenges they face/d by marrying at such a young age.  The youngest married at 16 and 17 are now 87 and 88; also features a young hip hop couple. (In research and development)

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